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Broccoli Cheddar Meatballs

Is it lunch, a dinner, an appetizer, or an all-around bite-sized meal?!

The meatball is a classic, but broccoli cheddar meatballs are in a league of their own! These cheesy broccoli-filled meatballs might just become the next household staple.

Broccoli Cheddar Meatballs

What's Needed:

  • Protein (ground) of choice:

    • Options: beef, pork, turkey, chicken, or a combination. We've used all of the above proteins in some way, shape, or fashion for this recipe and they have all turned out delicious! One thing to keep in mind is the leaner cuts of meat will have less fat and can dry out easily, so be mindful when prepping and cooking.

  • Onion:

    • Finely diced, we actually prefer to grate our onions. this helps to eliminate uneven cuts or chunks of onion. You can also use any onion of choice, generally, we always use white or yellow onion for this recipe.

  • Broccoli:

    • Chopped. We've used raw broccoli and steamed, and we prefer to use broccoli that has been steamed or lightly steamed. So, leftover broccoli works great for this recipe! If you are steaming your broccoli make sure to cool it down before combining it with all other ingredients.

  • Shredded cheese:

    • Freshly grated cheese is always better but you can use any cheddar cheese of choice or another type of cheese.

  • Egg

    • The egg will act as a binder for all the ingredients.

  • Gluten-free bread crumbs:

    • Bread crumbs act as a moisture holder. They absorb the juices from the protein and the milk and help to lock in the moisture to prevent dry meatballs.

  • Milk:

    • Use milk of choice. Milk also helps to create moisture.

  • Season to taste:

    • Have fun with your seasonings! You can't go wrong with garlic, salt, pepper, dried parsley, or create a fusion of flavors to fit your taste buds. Add a dried ranch packet for a fun twist on flavor!

How to Serve:

  • These bit size meatballs make for a great appetizer. Just add a toothpick and serve alongside your favorite dipping sauce.

  • You can also serve these meatballs for lunch or dinner. Serve alongside your favorite sauce, rice, pasta, or whatever you want to eat them with! They go with everything!

  • If you don't eat them right away you can store them in the fridge for leftovers or meal prep them to enjoy for the next 4-5 days.


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