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​​"I've always been active, but Linked Fit has completely changed my fitness routine. I love the ease of not having to plan my own workouts, and also being able to complete a customized session whenever I have the time to get it in. I used to have chronic knee pain from an old injury; flare-ups would limit my mobility for a few days. The coaches carefully planned exercises that have strengthened my leg to avoid future injury and eliminated the pain. Overall, I've gained a significant amount of muscle, reduced overall fat, and am always looking forward to my next PR!"

Meg, Zurich

​Dane is a rare breed of a trainer - he thoroughly understands how the body works, devotes his time and energy to his clients, and cares about their success and well-being.  I trained with Dane for two years and I never felt or looked better than during that time.  I came to him with a variety of orthopedic issues, including two degenerative discs in my lumbar spine, and he had me pain-free and working out hard in no time.  A large part of my success was due to Dane’s knowledge of and appreciation for stretching, mobility, and soft-tissue work, which he views as a vital step in helping to keep his clients injury-free and maximize their performance in the gym.  Dane knew how to tailor his workouts to each client and he challenged everyone at his gym to work hard and have fun.  I highly recommend that you entrust your health and fitness to Dane - you will not be disappointed.

Andy, Ohio

​Last year I had a goal to lose around 25 pounds before my wedding. Prior to my wedding, I did not feel good about myself. I struggled with weight loss and keeping a positive mindset towards food and exercise choices. After talking with Alex, she provided me with the resources for healthy eating habits and work out regimen that was perfect! She would check in on my progress and motivate me to keep pushing! On the day of my wedding, I have never felt better about myself. I was down around 25 pounds. I could not have done this without the help and encouragement from Alex. Thank you, Alex, for all that you did for me!

Mary, Michigan

I've been training with Dane and Alex for over a year now. They are available round the clock, they really take care to address the whole person and they don't make me feel ashamed when I'm off routine. That said, they are also so inspiring and motivating that you don't want to let them down! I really love the tailored workout program and nutrition education and feedback. Thanks so much, Linked Fit!

Claire, California

"100% recommend. I contact them on a regular basis just to make sure my training is producing the best results. I haven't been disappointed."

Tyler, California

"Linked Fit has been such a great experience for my fitness journey. My coach Alex really put in the effort to create a custom workout that grew with me while I worked toward my fitness goals. Alex is very knowledgeable and compassionate which is a great combination for a personal trainer. Through both the app and video conferences she was able to keep me motivated through all my workouts. I would definitely recommend Linked Fit!"

Sam, California

facebook review.png
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