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Resistance Band Training!

Training with resistance bands can offer opportunities for portability and enable similar movements in competitive events for athletes (Oranchuk et al., 2020). Additionally, they are generally inexpensive and do not require large spaces for use or storage (Oranchuk et al., 2020). Resistance bands have been used for years as a good alternative to traditional strength training (Anderson et al, 2018). They are transported easily and can be used to implement movements with efficient external loads to create superior adaptations.

In addition to the variety of benefits of resistance band training via easy access and space, the elastic bands can assist individuals to control tension during loading, provide proper individualized load and enhance muscular strength (Banitalebi et al., 2019). The bands can be used for preparation drills (warm-up), primary training protocols, and even in the post-training protocol for efficient recovery (cool-down) (Langdown et al., 2019). In times of travel or space restrictions, resistance bands can be useful and still produce the wanted benefits of strength training and performance growth.

Below you will find a few resistance band movements that Linked Fit uses on a regular basis for programming. The resistance bands used are strength bands without any handles and resistance bands with handles. Enjoy!

Upper Push

RB Overhead Press

RB Push Up

RB Bench Tricep Extension at Low Anchor

Upper Pull

RB Seated Row - Strength Band

RB Standing High Row

RB Face Pull w/ Pull Apart at High Anchor

RB Bent Over Reverse Fly

Upper Push & Pull

RB Standing Front Raise w/ Pull Apart

Lower Push

RB Front Squat - Strength Band

RB Deadlift

Lower Pull

RB Tall Kneel Hinge


Total Push

RB Squat to Overhead Press

RB Squat to Overhead Press

Total Pull

RB RDL w/ Contralateral Row

Core & Upper Pull

RB Low Pillar Bridge w/ Pull Down


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