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Develop a BIG Chest

To develop a big chest, it take's hard work and dedication to reach this goal! The pectoralis major is one of the most powerful muscles of the upper body! It's one of the muscles that helps with horizontal pressing (horizontal push) movements but there are other muscles that assist such as the deltoids and triceps.

At Linked Fit, we prioritize training all the foundational movements! Programming needs to include all foundational movements so that performance can be maximized! The "pushing" foundational movement can be categorized into two motions: horizontal and vertical. The horizontal push is described as sagittal plane of motion that moves your extremities anteriorly. The vertical push is described as pressing your arms overhead through an upward motion. All are great movements to keep in mind for programming, but this article is focused on the horizontal push to help trigger developments in the chest!

Moving forward, we encourage everyone to practice good technique while training! This will endorse the longevity of training so that training can be promoted for years to come. For years, individuals have always considered pain as a challenge and that it was weakness leaving the body, which is COMPLETELY FALSE! Don't think like this! You like training right? It's fun and rewarding, right? Well... lets keep it that way!

Our joints can only take so much un-centrated movements before damage occurs. Therefore, we recognize the importance of technique and how it can be enhanced for movement quality but most importantly, performance. When we optimize the movement quality and joint centration, it allows the tendons and muscles to work in coordination so that the body can efficiently pull joints through appropriate levers.

Improve Your Technique!

When it comes to the horizontal push, the simplest movement is the push up! Although it can be labeled as one of the easiest movements, it get butchered on a regular basis via the lack of pillar control during the descending and ascending phases. Watch the video "Pillar Strong in the Push Up" below to help improve your technique!

Now that you have mastered the proper technique in the push up, now it's time to consider the shoulder angle to keep while performing this horizontal push. Watch the video below by Coach Alex and learn what shoulder angle aka carrying angle one shoulder consider while performing a push up or other horizontal push movements such as a bench press.

Try out these movements to develop a BIGGER CHEST!

When it comes to horizontal pushing movements, there is a bunch to consider! As with any movement, some will be considered as a regressed movement while others are more progressed. Below you will see Linked Fit's goto horizontal push movements that are utilized in programming for our clients via Group Training, Sport/Team Training, Private Training, and Online Training. The movements listed at the top of the list are considered to be regressed movements near the bottom of a pyramid that focuses on foundational mastery while the movements at the end are progressed and near the top of the pyramid.