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5 Tips to Stay Fit While Traveling

See the World & Master Your Goals!

Some might associate traveling with completely wrecking their goals as they indulge in all the delicious foods and relaxation! Don’t let this be the case. Traveling doesn’t have to be a fitness and wellness destroyer so, let the tips below guide you to enjoying your vacation and not losing sight of your fitness targets!

Look for a Gym

See if there is a gym in your hotel or even nearby! It’s always fun to try out a new gym, especially in a new scene. This allows you to have your own time if traveling with others or if you’re traveling for work and need to wind down. Plus, it allows you to stay on top of your movement game. But make a pack with yourself, either allow yourself to take time away from the gym or make it a priority to make your workout happen, modifying when needed! Working out is a great way to release the stressors from traveling, maybe even find a workout outside in your destination.

Walk! Don’t drive!

Walking to your destination, if it’s not extremely far, this allows you to enjoy the place you're visiting while maintaining your steps. Even if you don’t plan on working out in a weight room while traveling, at least you are keeping up with your steps to keep yourself active and moving! It will make you feel better after indulging and help wear you out before bed, allowing for a flawless night’s sleep! Check out what wearable fitness tech to track those steps

Prioritize Protein

Vacationing in our minds usually means indulging in all the local foods! Those thoughts are allowed, however, have priorities when picking out your foods. Always aim to include protein and try to throw a few veggies in there as well. They are lower calorie and can keep you on track if your goals are more strict. Don’t shy away from carbs, but it's typically very easy to overindulge on carbs rather than veggies so be aware of your choices when ordering! Everyone can always eat 2 plates of french fries but struggle to eat 1 green bean.

Try to carry snacks when you can! Look to always bring protein bars, they are easy to carry with you throughout your travels so that you're not starving by the time lunch or dinner comes along. Snacking is ok and allows you to not over-order when it comes time for larger meals.

For those with strict goals, map a plan of restaurants and what you want to order ahead of time, if possible. Planning ahead is a key component when staying on track with tight goals and timelines.

Party with Purpose

Drinking is a part of most travels which is a-ok! Have a plan in place about how you want to go about your night the best you can. If having a sugary cocktail, try to stick to 1 and sip on it slowly. Once you’ve finished it, switch to lower calorie options such as vodka/sodas, diet coke/jack, and seltzers.

When the morning comes following with a potential hangover, drink a ton of water and eat some carbohydrates! Greasy foods tend to help some sober up from their hangover, so if this is you, rock that recovery breakfast. Once you’re back to normal get back on track so that you don’t feel like you’re dragging throughout your day.

Be Present in Your Environment

Traveling can be stressful when both for fun or for work. Make sure to set aside activities that let you experience your environment so that you are not missing out! If others joining you on your travels look to you for always having a plan, don’t take charge! Let others make their own decisions or collectively make them so that you can enjoy your environment. Traveling is not only to get away but to understand and respect all the different cultures and customs out there. Why is this a fitness tip? Because fitness of the mind is important too. We are stronger mentally by experiencing the world and others. To create empathy through these experiences makes you fitter than most who live in a bubble and cannot connect with others.


Don’t mistake being fit as being in the gym constantly and busting out an extremely fatiguing workout. Being fit is about keeping yourself moving, prioritizing macronutrients within each meal, and being present. If your goals are more strict, then that’s ok too. But simple things can be done to stay on top of your goals. Gyms are found in most hotels, you can carry healthy snacks, and prioritize your protein to help get you through!



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