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Quesadilla: Spinach, Avocado, Black Beans

A Crispy Quesadilla Ready for Any Meal!

The Quesadilla originates from Mexico. It consists of a tortilla (or two) filled with cheese but has evolved to include other meats and veggies. The quesadilla is then grilled to perfection!

At Linked Fit we are all about versatility! Versatility allows for easy at home cooking. Don't have this ingredient, or don't like this ingredient? It's okay, use whatever is available and preferred! This is just one of the many reasons why the quesadilla is a fan favorite! The quesadilla is simple, easy, delicious, and can still be incredibly nutritious!

Due to the quesadilla being so versatile, it can also be served as any time meal! Change up the ingredients to be fitting for any meal of the day, breakfast, lunch, and or dinner! For this particular quesadilla, we used gluten free quinoa tortillas, spinach, avocado, black beans, and white cheddar cheese. These were all ingredients that were already at hand and needed to be used. Other ideas for a quesadilla could be to add corn, peppers, onions, just to name a few. The quesadilla is a perfect meal to make when there are leftover veggies and meats, especially if there is just a small quantity left. Don't be afraid to experiment.

Tips for Making the Best Quesadilla:

  1. Use a durable tortilla, flour tortilla are most commonly used. The tortilla needs to hold up well when it's layered with ingredients and flipped. If using a gluten free tortilla we recommend Maria and Ricardo's Gluten Free Tortillas. The quinoa flour tortilla by them is very durable and doesn't fall apart when cutting or eating.

  2. Don't overload. Try not to stuff the quesadilla so much that it just falls apart and makes it impossible to eat. It's finger food, let's leave the forks out of it!

  3. Cook over medium heat. This is more of a preference, tortillas tend to burn easily and quickly. Many recipes will recommend cooking over medium-high heat. We've noticed when cooking over medium-high heat with tortillas many burn the tortillas. It might take a second longer but cooking over medium heat is a safe way to go!

  4. Don't use much oil. If anything, use a non-stick spray just to help the process. Tortillas absorb oil, so you don't want to end up with an over oiled and soggy tortilla.

  5. Have fun and be creative! No matter what, this is your meal, do what you want and enjoy the process!