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Mediterranean Chicken Wrap

Crisp and Fresh!

Summer is still here and we are embracing all things summer, which 100% includes summer foods! At Linked Fit we enjoy putting together meals and recipes that are simple, easy, delicious, and nutritious. Especially during the summer months when parties, get-togethers, and travels are at one right after another. The dishes being prepped should be effortless to put together. The last thing we want to think about is putting a complex dish together, amongst the hustle and bustle. Check out our Nutrition On The Go for developing successful habits to stay on track while on the go!

Lunch on the Go!

This Mediterranean chicken wrap fits right into the quota. It has simple ingredients, it's easy to put together, it's delicious with Greek/Mediterranean flavors, plus it's nutritious being packed with a verity of macro and micronutrients. This is the perfect summer go-to wrap. Have this at home for lunch or take it on the go. This wrap is perfect for prepping in advance too. Pre-cook the chicken, have the tortillas in individual containers, pre-cut veggies and place in baggies in the fridge ready for pulling, and yogurt sauce can also be made ahead of time. Once put together this wrap will not disappoint! The veggies add the perfect refreshing summer crunch.

What's Needed:

  • Tortilla wrap (gluten free or other dietary needed wrap)

  • Chicken (thighs, breast, tenders)

  • Cucumber

  • Spinach

  • Plain Greek yogurt

  • Lemon

  • Garlic

  • Greek dressing (chicken marinade)

    • Tomatoes (optional)

    • Feta (optional)

This wrap is extremely versatile too. The wrap used for this recipe can be with any desired wrap, being in a gluten free house we went with a gluten free wrap. For the chicken try grilling, baking, or even pan-frying. Lastly, the yogurt sauce can also be enhanced with tzatziki or a version of that. Also, try adding tomatoes and feta for a little extra flavor!



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