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French Toast!

Craving something sweet for breakfast?!

How about some french toast?!

There are a few essential things one should know how to make, and this is one of them! French toast is thick, sweet, eggy, and all-around delicious. It requires minimal ingredients and is a quick fix for any day of the week.

Traditional french toast ingredients:
  1. Eggs

  2. Milk

  3. Bread

That's it, just 3 simple ingredients! Often times, the french toast will be served with syrup, powdered sugar, and maybe some berries, but the options are endless. At Linked Fit we take the traditional french toast and give it one extra layer.

Linked Fit's french toast ingredients:
  1. Eggs

  2. Dairy-free milk

  3. Bread

  4. Protein powder by Isopure

What else is needs to make some delicious french toast:
  1. Pan

  2. Oil (examples: coconut oil, butter, or nonstick spray)

  3. Mixing bowl

  4. Extra flavors, cinnamon or vanilla extract (added to the eggy mixture)

  5. Toppings, the options are endless

Here are a few tips when making french toast.

Remember, these are suggestions to aid in the process, by no means are any of these mandatory. As long as it follows the path of simple, easy, delicious, and nutrition, enjoy the process!

  1. The bread kind of matters. It's helpful to have good quality, thick bread like brioche, challah, or even day-old bread. Need something that will hold up well when soaked and then pan-fried. Don't want soggy bread, that falls apart. Cooking in a GF household can make french toast seem impossible, but it's totally doable!

  2. Don't leave the bread in the egg mixture for too long, especially if using a thinner slice of bread, like a GF bread. Again don't want to have soggy bread that falls apart.

  3. On the opposing side, don't be afraid to make sure the bread is fully coated and has absorbed some of the egg mixtures. There is why thicker bread is ideal.

  4. Don't add too much milk. If too much milk is added, it will make the egg more difficult to cook, and again leaving soggy bread.

  5. Combine all the ingredients well. This will make sure pieces of the egg don't form on the toast.

  6. Always cook with a preheated pan! Want the egg to start cooking immediately when the bread is laid on the pan.

  7. Cook on medium heat. The toast should have a crisp outer layer and a soft-cooked inside! Be careful not to use too high of heat, where the outside of the toast is burnt and the inside is undercooked.

  8. If looking for an ultra-creamy egg mixture, opt for only egg yolks.

  9. If there is a large number of people to feed, try to bake the bread instead, make in a batch.

  10. Don't overkill the sweetness. It's not necessary to add a sweetener to the egg mixture.

  11. Lastly, be careful not to overdo the toppings and add ons. Less is sometimes more!

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