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7 Layer Greek Dip

It's time to layer up!

Give this delicious Greek-inspired 7 layer dip a try at your next party! This dip is packed with flavor and loaded with nutrients, you and your guests will not be disappointed.

Utilizing 7 simple ingredients to create a layered effect, this recipe can be prepped in under 10 minutes, it's as easy as that! Serve this 7 layered dip alongside your favorite chip, tortilla, flatbread, or veggie stick. You can of course add in or substitute your favorite Greek/Mediterranean-inspired ingredients to give it a more customized approach! We often sprinkle extra dill or oregano on top for a little added flavor in every bite. We've also drizzled EVOO on top but often find that it's unnecessary, and we much prefer the dip without the extra oil.

Honestly, to make this recipe we often just eye-ball everything. Using enough of each ingredient to get a good layer, the more the merrier, haha! We will provide specific measures to help in the beginning process.

Let the layering begin!

Layer 1:

  • Hummus

    • Premade and prepackaged hummus is the easy route to take here! You could also make your own homemade hummus if you desire, just note that it will add a few more ingredients to the list and a few more minutes to your prep time.

    • For this recipe, we used a "classic" hummus or traditional but you could also use other flavors on the market like garlic or even olive hummus.

Layer 2:

  • Greek yogurt, yogurt sauce, or tzatziki

    • You can make this recipe vegan/vegetarian as well. Simply swap out Greek yogurt for non-dairy yogurt alternatives.

    • Options:

      1. Plain Greek yogurt, we will usually spice it up with a little oregano and or dill.

      2. Premade or homemade yogurt sauce, think tzatziki minus the cucumbers. Simply mix yogurt with lemon juice, dill or oregano, and garlic.

      3. Premade or homemade tzatziki.

Layer 3:

  • Diced cucumbers

    • Regular cucumbers or English cucumbers will work here. Just dice enough that you are not getting a huge chunk of cucumber. Note, if you use regular cucumbers it is helpful to carve out the inner seeds. You can also peel or keep the skin on.

Layer 4 :

  • Diced cherry tomatoes

Layer 5:

  • Diced kalamata olives

    • We understand not everyone loves olives, so we will keep them larger in size for easy picking, or sometimes we make a version without them, depending on the event.

Layer 6:

  • Crumbled feta cheese

    • Some brands of feta make a Mediterranean "flavor" that is infused with herbs and spices, so delicious in this recipe!

    • Pre-crumbled feta works best, but block feta will also be fine, you'll just have to crumble it yourself.

Layer 7:

  • Diced red onion

(Missing both the olives and the red onions during this variation.)


If you plan to make this dip ahead of time or in advance, we recommend waiting to add the cucumber and tomatoes until you are ready to serve. Cucumbers and tomatoes both release water and to avoid runny dip, it's best to add those right before serving if possible.


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