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Zucchini Banana Bread

Upgrade your Banana Bread!

This recipe is completely gluten free!

Being gluten free, it has been a priority to develop simple, easy, delicious, and nutritious recipes that everyone will love!

At Linked Fit we wanted to take the classic banana bread and turn it gluten free! Researching recipe after recipe to create a banana bread that was so fresh and moist it had to be shared. Trial after trial, the right combination was finally found! With the right recipe achieved, it was then time for an upgrade.

We bring you the Zucchini Banana Bread!

Zucchini is a powerhouse! It's packed with nutrients (both vitamins and minerals) and is a low-calorie food.

If you are having trouble getting your greens in, or have kids who won't eat their veggies, this recipe is for you! Zucchini is incredibly versatile due to its light flavor, and it just so happens to easily adapt to sweet dishes. It also helps to add moisture, making the banana bread more delightful!


  • Bananas: Make sure the bananas are fully ripe. This is a natural way to make the bread sweeter.

  • Apple sauce: Used as a substitute for butter. Apple sauce also is a great way to add more sweetness and moisture.

  • Egg: If you are vegan or egg-free, you can completely opt-out of adding an egg. Banana and apple sauce are already egg substitutes but you could make a flax or chia seed egg replacement.

  • Vanilla extract: Added flavor. Feel free to use another flavor extract.

  • Baking soda: Used to help raise the bread. A tsp of baking powder would also work in this recipe.

  • GF Flour: Used Bob's Red Mill All-Purpose GF Flour. This also works with 1 cup oat flour combined with 1/2 cup coconut flour.

  • Zucchini: Shred zucchini and make sure to drain excess water with a cheesecloth. This helps to ensure your zucchini banana bread is not too watery, since zucchini naturally holds a lot of water.

  • Toppings: This is the chef's choice! I used sugar, cinnamon, and crushed walnuts for a crunch. Chocolate chips would be another great option, just add a handful or two!

Let's Put it Together!

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