Why Should You Train with a Health & Fitness Professional?

There are many reasons why people seek out guidance from a health and fitness professional. But for as many reasons as there are to seek out a professional, there are just as many reasons why people choose not to. Whether it’s money, time, energy, or experiences, there will always be reasons to not drive into the deep end. But we’re here today to share the positive and valuable aspects of why seeking out professional guidance is so important!

The benefits of working with a Health & Fitness Professional are endless! But we wanted to share our top 4 reasons! So without further ado, here are your top 4 reasons to train with a professional:


When you decide to work with a health and fitness professional you will be able to get custom and individualized programs. This is your body and your program should be tailored to fit your goals and needs. There is no one size fits all in health and fitness. You are unique and you don’t deserve a cookie-cutter program. Here at Linked Fit, all of our clients must first go through an assessment. This is when we get all of our baseline measurements. We take you through movement screens to check for imbalances or pain within the body. We sit down together and talk about previous experiences and what your goals are. We learn something new from each of our clients and these baseline measures help us to develop a program that is perfect for them. Not only do we deliver optimal programs, but we are here to give you as much guidance as possible. We’ll help you to build sustainable life long habits to ensure you are successful! Everything is based on you! This is to ensure your safety and success in your personal journey.

Motivation & Support

Making “change” doesn’t come easily for all. This is why training with a professional coach can be life-changing. Along with your personalized program, you have the support of your coach at all times. It’s important to surround yourself with those who are going to encourage, and keep you pushing and diving when the going gets tough. Your trainer will help you uncover the true meaning behind your journey. They will always remind you of that meaning and help you to embrace and master your fears. They keep will keep you accountable and will be your sideline cheerleader. They will make things interesting, keeping you on the edge of your seat - often making you guess what kind of work you’ll be doing today ;). Knowing that someone is rooting for you can be such an empowering thing.

Health Investment

Imagine a car. You take your car in to get the oil changed, rotate the tires, and fill it up with gas on a regular basis. Well, your body runs just like a car. It needs checkups and tune-ups. We do a lot for our bodies like getting physicals, teeth cleanings, eye check-ups and more. But we easily neglect the other aspects of our health and wellness, and we sometimes find ourselves resorting to pills to “heal” and “fix” us. Yes, sometimes these remedies are 100% necessary. Often time pain or other related health issues can be resolved without medication or invasive measures with the help of exercise, nutrition, and other wellness strategies. You need your body to last as long as it can, you can’t just trade it in after a few years like a car. If we don’t take care of our bodies the engine with will eventually burn out. Investing in a health and fitness professional is investing in the longevity of your overall health and wellbeing! We want to keep you up and mobility for as long as possible. It’s not just about getting bigger, better, faster, stronger; it’s about being able to do daily activities with ease and continue to do so with ease.

Reliable Resource

Not only are you investing in your own health, but your investing in a professional. These individuals are highly educated and skilled. Your coach is here to be a guide and provide the tools necessary for you to succeed. Communication is key, so utilize their knowledge to make sure you understand what’s going on in your journey. Have questions? Your coach will lead to down a path of learning and growth. There is no wrong question. Your coach will make sure you are doing things safely and correctly. Here at Linked Fit, our online clients have scheduled weekly check-ins. During this time we discuss anything and everything. For those that we are working within-person, they have our full attention at all times. Our clients can contact us at any time as well. As a client, we think it’s important that coaches become educators. You as a client should learn the reasons behind your coach's “madness”. A good coach doesn’t just give you random exercises and sends you off. A good coach teaches you the whys and helps you to understand the processes.

Now that we’ve laid out some reasons to seek out a coach, it’s important to do your homework as a client. Ask around, family, friends, and even other health and fitness professionals. It’s important that you find the right coach for you. Make sure you are honest about your price points and what you’re looking to get out of the coaching. You and your coach need to be on the same page. If you’ve contemplated reaching out to a professional, I hope these reasons have helped to ease your mind.

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