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Welcome to Linked Fit

Our team is dedicated to your success in fitness, wellness, and education!

Linked Fit is a fitness, wellness, and education company that is operated in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Our team is educated and certified to meet your goals and needs!

Our services will be available soon! Follow us on Instagram or like us on Facebook to get updates!

Linked Fit will be providing a unique set of services such as Online Coaching and Travel Coaching. Our FIT + WELL Methodology is a premier service that provides all domains of fitness and wellness. The best thing is... our Online and Travel Coaching has the luxury of including both. DEAL!

FIT + WELL includes a variety of components such as a personalized fitness program that is accessible anywhere anytime. We utilize an amazing online programming software, FITBOT. We have dedicated YouTube videos so you can make sure your doing the movement correctly and safely.

Wait... there is more!

We will not forget our WELL portion! WELL holds a variety of components, for instance, positive embracement practice, healthy nourishment (nutrition) habits, and lastly an amazing restorative plan. Our body entails an assortment of physiological and psychological pieces and we want to hit all of them in one package!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!



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