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Meet Coach Dane!

Dane is our CEO here at Linked Fit!

Dane is a passionate coach and loves getting to know every client who walks into Linked Fit's doors! So here’s a chance for you to get to know him a little better!

Check out his About Me page to learn more about his educational background and certifications.

Here are 10 fun facts about him!

  1. He is a HUGE sports fan, especially when it comes to basketball and football. He could talk to you for hours! So be sure to have extra time on your hands if you want to talk sports with him, haha!

  2. Along with being a huge sports fan Dane is a big UofM fan. GO BLUE!

  3. He loves traveling and wishes he could do it full-time! He especially loves traveling to places by the ocean.

  4. He values serving the strength/conditioning and personal training industry through organizations and universities. He is the Michigan State Director for the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA). Also, he serves on the Certification Committee for the NSCA, helping shape the future of certified fitness professionals.

  5. He has one tattoo on the back of a tree, representing a family tree! As of right now, he doesn't have any plans to get more, but you never know.

  6. He wishes he was Superman!

  7. Natural disasters scare the shit out of him. He felt his first earthquake in San Francisco at 2 am and was not a fan!

  8. Enjoys researching and learning more about recovery and regeneration methods. His passion for education has led him to earn a doctoral degree in Health Science: Human & Sports Performance. Call him Doc or Dane, he doesn't mind!

  9. Has a hidden skill for photography. The man can take a good picture!

  10. Life motto - shit happens for a reason! #truth

At Linked Fit, we are a family, and we think getting to know your coaches is important.

Have more questions about Coach Dane? Feel free to ask away!



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