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Chicken Pizza Crust

Which came first, the chicken or the pizza?

Check out this delicious and nutritious low-carb high protein pizza crust! This crust only needs 5 ingredients and is a fun way to switch up your pizza game. Putting this crust together is actually incredibly simple and easy!

What is a Chicken Pizza Crust?

  • Imagine your favorite pizza but now the crust is made with chicken instead of flour.

  • Let's be honest, it's not the same as a floured crust, it tastes like chicken.

  • You could try using shredded chicken for this recipe, you just might need to add an egg or two to help hold it together.

  • Keep the "crust" thin, about 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch.

  • Simply add your favorite pizza toppings to finish off this crust and make it a full dinner for two!


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