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Bacon Veggie Breakfast Scramble

Breakfast was made for veggies...and eggs!

This breakfast scramble is packed with protein and veggies, giving your morning nourishment a vibrant kickstart. This recipe checks all the boxes when it comes to breakfast nourishment and embodies eating the rainbow. We highly encourage diversifying your veggies and veggie colors within each meal. The various colorful veggies in this recipe contribute to a wide range of micronutrients being consumed. In turn, these micronutrients aid in keeping our bodies running optimally.

Adding veggies to your morning eggs is also another great way to just incorporate more veggies into your daily nourishment. Especially for those who have difficulty eating enough veggies throughout the day. Veggies at breakfast is an underrated combination!

It's time to give this delicious and savory breakfast scramble a try!

Grocery List:

  • Eggs

    • Options: whole eggs, egg whites, or a combination of both

  • Dark leafy greens

    • Spinach, kale, or a combination of both

  • Sweet bell pepper

  • Asparagus

  • White or yellow onion

  • Riced cauliflower

  • Bacon

  • Goat cheese

    • Feta cheese would be another great option

  • Dill

  • Garlic

  • Salt and pepper

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