Elite Training for Top Results!

Customized training to achieve your goals! Programming that focuses on developing mobility, stability, and movement patterns to optimize performance! Our training programs will enhance power, strength, endurance, and other fitness parameters to expand durability and upgrade health.


Our team will provide the resources and support you need to be successful!


Our team will bring the science to the table! All of our programs have evidence to support it. We have done it and research supports it!


Motivation is key when you train! Our team will keep you fresh and ready for your upcoming sessions. Stay on top!


Each client receives a personalized training program that is for them! We focus on appropriate fitness and wellness protocols to promote training longevity. 


Clients have the opportunity to schedule weekly 30-minute meetings with their coach. If you need a form check, we can help! You would like to talk about nutrition, let's talk!

OT 12-weeks
OT 52-weeks

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How our Online Training Works!

Download our application!

Our goal at Linked Fit is to make your fitness and wellness journey easy while achieving greatness! Our mobile-friendly application allows the effective delivery of our training sessions and houses your fitness profile. Download our application to get a headstart!

Complete waiver & Questionnaires​ & 

The questionnaire & recorded movement screen will build a client profile which is used as a base for the upcoming assessment. The questions will focus on occupation or sport, training status, training background, movement experience, previous injuries, health and medical history, and SMART goals!

Schedule assessment with your coach

Next, a Linked Fit coach will schedule a 60-minute video conference call (Google Video Conference) to provide further details on the assessment. At this time, the coach may have the client participate in additional screenings and assessments to test specific movement qualities, mobility, and stability. Depending on the client, performance testing may be integrated as well.

Program Development

After the assessment, the coach will develop a fitness and wellness program based on your goals and needs. Each program is thoughtfully structured and customized for each client.

Time to Get Started!

After each session, we will check-in and review how it went. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to ask! Don't understand a movement, easy... ask!

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Results vary depending on the starting point and efforts. Movements, programming, nutritional habits, mindset, and recovery are necessary to achieve and maintain goals. Consult your medical doctor or primary care physician and follow all safety instructions before beginning any fitness program, nutrition habits, or using any supplements.

Programs are designed to fit your goals and needs based on the assessment. Online Coaching assessments are through Google Video Conference call. If you are local (Macomb or Oakland County, Michigan) and would like to meet in person for the assessment, additional costs are required. Programs will be delivered every 12-weeks. Subjective to change.

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Elite Coaching for Top Results!




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