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Our coaches are dedicated to providing the highest quality of training based on the individuals goals and needs!


The first session will be an assessment. During the assessment, we will assess movement patterns, baseline physiological measures, discover goals, and understand the clients health and fitness background. Following the assessment, our team will put together a FIT program that is 100% customized for each client! Our progressive approach to fitness programming will help deliver life long results, no matter the fitness level.  Whether purchasing the Online or Travel Coaching, our coaches strive for regular communication to amplify success.


Linked Fit will guide everyone through the entire FIT process and help reach realistic goals!


At Linked Fit, we strive on quality coaching! In order for us to deliver quality coaching, we must assess how the body moves and how it responds during that movement. We use specific assessment strategies to reveal potential roadblocks. These roadblocks will be addressed to reduce the chances of injury during the upcoming training sessions. Most importantly, the FIT program utilizes the assessment to build a rapport with each client.

After the assessment, we work diligently to develop an optimal training program! Each program developed is customized to fit our clients goals and needs. Whether the client is starting their fitness journey or already on their journey, Linked Fit will educate everyone how to prepare the body for the upcoming demands before training begins. Proper training phases will be programmed to develop positive adaptations and reduce unwanted fatigue. After training has been completed, we will educate everyone how to restore and recover the body from the rigors of training.




Linked Fit's programming is set towards enhancing movement quality while increasing values of performance! Our goal at Linked Fit is to deliver a program that will allow clients to accomplish their goals while learning new ways to challenge the body through fitness. Not only will our clients reach their goals, they will reach new heights and peak their performance. Linked Fit can help everyone achieve greatness and if they stay consistent and dedicated, anything happen! 



Athletic Performance


Special Population

Physique & Bodybuilding

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