What you receive with our coaching services!

Personalized fitness program

A personalized fitness program that is developed for success! Our methods are backed by endless hours of research and evidence based practice. If your goals include power, strength, endurance, speed, weight loss, or mobility, we can help you!

Nutritional Plan

The Linked Fit team will help track and monitor proper nutritional habits. Each individual will receive a simple and easy way to attack goals while enhancing performance and restoration.
  • Eat what you love!
  • Have a healthy relationship with food!
  • Discover new recipes that will spice up your kitchen!

Constant communication

We will not just provide you a program and walk away! Linked Fit is here to help you through your journey! Our team will keep motivating you! If you have a questions, ask us, our team is always here to answer questions.

Educated Coaches

Our team has been studying fitness, wellness, sports performance, programming, and more for years! But... it doesn't stop there, we are continuing to develop our craft as evidence supports our industries growth. We love to educate our Linked Family! 

Movement Demonstration

Our team strives on perfect movement technique and form! Some movements will be simple and others will have a unique challenge which is great for positive adaptations. Each movement we prescribe has a demonstration video! Our YouTube Channel has over 300 videos of educational material!

Educational Videos

We love to educate our clients on the proper mechanics during training, it will prevent injury and increase recovery. It's our job to coach you on proper movement patterns, increase awareness of your body, and obtain results. Our YouTube Channel has over 300 videos of educational material!
Linked Fit values the components of wellness! Understanding how the body reacts to specific tasks and its critical to have techniques that will help the mind, body, and spirit restore. Our nourish habits will lead into a successful healthy lifestyle!
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Wellness Strategies to Enhance


Program access!

At Linked Fit, we know data is important for understanding goal outcomes, so that said, TrueCoach is our programming software that will give you access to all of your assessment measures, fitness programming, demonstration videos, and more!

Delicious Recipes

Looking to spice up your kitchen skills? Or, how about try a new recipe? We can help you! Our Director of Wellness loves cooking and baking! All recipes are simple, easy, delicious, and nutritious!
Nourish - Fully Loaded Breakfast Burrito
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Elite Coaching for Top Results!




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