2021 Coaches Clinic
An amazing opportunity to learn from industry leaders in the world of strength & conditioning, personal training, health coaching, and nutrition!
Mar 20, 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT
Online Event

The 2021 Coaches Clinic will give you the opportunity to learn from industry experts while immersing yourself in specific areas such as strength/conditioning, personal training, online training, weight loss, healthy habits, recovery, and more!

Continuing Education Units



Our 2021 presenters are from a variety of fitness and wellness disciplines from strength/conditioning, personal training, academics, business, health coaching, corporate wellness, and more!

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Matthew Ibrahim

Sarah Fechter


Daniel Viscovind


Robert Linkul

Dane Bartz

Matthew Ibrahim


Deceleration & Landing Mechanics


The field of Strength & Conditioning and Sport Performance receives a lot of attention to the athletic development of plyometrics and force production. However, the precursor to these elements is what truly sets the stage for intelligent training. The skills of deceleration, force absorption, and landing mechanics make up the essential building blocks that must be properly trained and developed to achieve long-term durability and injury resilience.

Sarah Fechter

How to Approach Fat Loss for the Female Lifestyle Client

Female lifestyle client needs are often a simple fix that coaches tend to over complicate. Understanding the physiology behind your decisions makes the difference. Have you tried everything under the kitchen sink that you have successfully used with your athletes? Have you applied the same programming, conditioning, and nutrition to your gen pop females, but you're not yielding the same results? Join me as I share what I focus on in the first 30 days with my female lifestyle clients and how I prepare them for successful fat loss.

Daniel Viscovind

Supporting Healthy Behavior Change: A Primer in Motivational Interviewing

During this presentation, coaches will be introduced to the fundamental concepts of Motivational Interviewing as a means for supporting their clients through healthy behavior change. This presentation will cover the core skills necessary for effective motivational interviewing and include an overview of the four processes of change related to motivational interviewing.

Robert Linkul

Training the Older Adult

In this session, Robert will introduce the five key components to training the older adult and how they transfer to daily life and functional strength. He will discuss his resistance training Philosophy to overcome sarcopenia and highlight his strength cycle filled with examples of his modified (or  “rigged”) style of exercises that the older adult client with physical limitations can perform. Our ultimate goal is to improve their quality of life and keep them free and independent as long as possible. 

Dane Bartz

Recovery Cycle - The Links that Control Transformation

Learn how to appropriately apply convenient recovery protocols into programs to maximize performance and individuality for each client. This presentation will discuss the key links that are critical to improving a client's recovery process with applications of health, stress, nutrition, sleep, and training with current evidence that is valued in strength and conditioning. Additionally, attendees will learn how to regulate and modulate training programs to reduce unwanted fatigue and produce superior adaptations.






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